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Amazing Tech in New Rooms

Posted by: Nathan Cousins on March 31, 2017

Our new Rooftop rooms will be the first in the UK to feature ground-breaking state of the art technologies.

The exclusive new Rooftop Rooms situated on the top level of the iconic St George’s Hotel are currently mid construction and are due to open in July 2017. We are pleased to give you an insight into some of the creative features and state of the art technologies that will be available in the new executive bedrooms.

Our most advanced bedroom feature utilises a range of cutting edge technologies to create a system that will be the first of its kind anywhere in the UK. We are proud to introduce our Augmented Reality enabled sea-view windows, a guest information interface so advanced it will give guests an unprecedented insight into the unique history and heritage of Llandudno in the most creative and dynamic way imaginable.

What on earth are Augmented Reality enabled windows? Well essentially the glass in the large sea-view patio doors has been laced with a transparent, touch sensitive, ultra-high definition OLED screen that enables the windows to become one giant, graphical user interface or basically a large computer screen.

So, if you want to see what the stunning Bay of Llandudno looked like in Victorian times, the ‘Smart Windows’ will overlay an ultra-high definition recreation of the era directly onto the glass. The Augmented Reality engine in the system automatically calibrates the images and adjusts the display on the windows in real time according to the live outside view. So, if there is a lady in active wear walking her dog, the glass will automatically compensate and show the lady now dressed in traditional Victorian attire, not walking a dog but hand in hand with a small Victorian urchin. The same historic recreation will work for modern day boats in the bay or indeed any cars traveling up the promenade, authentically replacing and depicting them as their vintage and historic equivalent.

Don’t like the constant and consistent blue skies and sunny conditions Llandudno’s micro climate creates? Simply load up the ‘Moody, Moist and Atmospheric’ weather feature that will automatically overlay a recreation of a cloud burdened and dull day onto the cloudless blue skies and bright sunshine outside in the real word. A feature we expect will appeal to our English or Scottish guests.

Another state of the art feature that is seemingly more at home in the Sci-Fi world but is available as standard in the new Rooftop bedrooms will be our Holographic Virtual Concierge.


An artificial intelligence based system that will give guests’ access to a personal assistant that manifests itself as a holographic display not dissimilar to R2D2’s hologram of Princess Leia in Star Wars.

Guests will be free to evoke ‘J.A.M.E.S’ or as we know him, Judicious Artificial Masculine Entertainment System 24hrs a day. The hologram can be created at any point within the confines of the room and will be able to assist with enquires ranging from simply organising a wake-up call or ordering room service, to more complicated requests such as arranging connecting business class flights between Anglesey and Geneva.

In fact, the system is so intuitive and intelligent we have had to limit its capabilities to stop them becoming self-aware, collaborating with the Wi-Fi Kettles and trying to terminate some of the housekeepers.

If you are interested in staying in one of our Rooftop Rooms please contact our Reservation Team on 01492 877544 or email

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